F2B Y’all

If you’ve played with me since 2012’s Nationals, you’ve noticed I enjoy inkasting deep. I think it’s a net benefit all the way around. Sure there are times when I inkast short – and really that’s the key benefit. Being able to inkast deep creates more options. More options mean a more anti-fragile level of play.

This winter at the Loppet, the Kubbchucks held in against the Kubb Snipers because of a key FB (field kubb + base kubb) shot. Yes, we still lost. Jeebus, they’re the Kubb Snipers you’d lose too. We held on. That’s what the Kubbchucks do.

Last week, at MN Kubb’s Monday Night Friendlies I was playing with Goplin & Anders. Great kubb players, I love playing with and against both of them them. They asked me to inkast the 1 kubb. One kubb. Where’s the absolute best place for one kubb? In all honesty, my instinct with 1 kubb is to go deep and land it directly in front of a baseline kubb.

This time it landed about 18″ ahead of both the left-most and 2nd-left-most baselines. My first throw – nothing. My second baton nailed that F – followed by the baton hitting the left-most B and the F hitting the 2nd B.


See you at Nationals.

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