Cold and Icy Kubb Practice

photoThe ‘chucks hit the hard, icy snow last night around 8pm for several games of Kubb. We have a ramp up of practices in preparation for the Minnesota Kubb tournament! Did I mention it was cold? Served as a good gear test as well. I’m sort of hoping it’s just terribly cold on tournament day. Teams that aren’t dressed for it will rush and play poorly.

The ground was frozen, the snow was rough and hard. Big patches of slick ice. Overall terrible conditions. But we had our flag and spirit to drive some Kubbs down. Overall we were pleased. Garrick was landing Kubbs pretty much anywhere he wanted to put them. The hard snow wasn’t pushing back his drilling. The batons went for some crazy bounces when hitting hard packed snow or ice. Definitely need to keep them in the air, but sometimes a goofy bounce helped us.


All in I expect the surface was worse than what we’ll be dealing with on tournament day. We’re gonna hit the ice a few more times before the big day so we can bring our A-game.

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