Registered for 2014 US National Kubb Championship

After an extensive period of uncertainty the Kubbchucks are excited to announce that we have registered for our third trip to the US National Kubb Championship!

Although not widely known outside the team there was much schedule concern as the US National Kubb Championship is in conflict with the Winnipeg Folk Festival. Kubbchucks blaster Jamie Thingelstad was going to be off the roster for 2014 and instead at the Winnipeg Folk Festival. Jamie had every intention to bring all three Kubb sets he has to Winnipeg and get some Kubb games going in Birds Hill Provincial Park. Upon further planning of the family calendar, the Folk Festival fell off the schedule and the US National Kubb Championship is back on!

Upon hearing this news the Kubbchucks excitedly put their plans back on Eau Claire in July. As early as possible on February 20th team captain Garrick Van Buren registered the Kubbchucks for the 2014 championship!

10 Ways Kubb is Like Life

  1. Both are obscure games with controversial origins dating back centuries or not.
  2. Both have multiple, often competing, rulesets.
  3. Both have a long game and a short game. The long game is kinda boring. The short game is very dramatic and intense. It’s easy to focus on the short game, but only the long game wins. You’ll need to be good at both.
  4. Everyone is happier when a referee doesn’t need to be involved. Especially because mostly – there isn’t a referee.
  5. Everyone takes both to a different degree of seriousness.
  6. You’re likely your own worst enemy, in both.
  7. Both reward persistence, curiosity, and passion.
  8. Both are more interesting once you declare arbitrary goals for your performance.
  9. It’s not over until someone calls time.
  10. Both are better without shoes.