Registered for 2014 US National Kubb Championship

After an extensive period of uncertainty the Kubbchucks are excited to announce that we have registered for our third trip to the US National Kubb Championship!

Although not widely known outside the team there was much schedule concern as the US National Kubb Championship is in conflict with the Winnipeg Folk Festival. Kubbchucks blaster Jamie Thingelstad was going to be off the roster for 2014 and instead at the Winnipeg Folk Festival. Jamie had every intention to bring all three Kubb sets he has to Winnipeg and get some Kubb games going in Birds Hill Provincial Park. Upon further planning of the family calendar, the Folk Festival fell off the schedule and the US National Kubb Championship is back on!

Upon hearing this news the Kubbchucks excitedly put their plans back on Eau Claire in July. As early as possible on February 20th team captain Garrick Van Buren registered the Kubbchucks for the 2014 championship!

Competitive Kubb Set Marking

A few tournaments have started painting the kubbs. The common way of painting them is half one color, and half a second. At the 2013 US Nationals the kubbs were painted blue and white for Saturday, and on Sunday the quarterfinals and on were played with red and white kubbs. As a player, there is an interesting dialog that happens when your raising the kubbs with the colors since it makes them easy to identify. “Put that one on white, and that one on blue.” which is a little clearer than “that one goes back, and this one forward”.

It is also common that you have kubbs that are very close on the sideline, raising questions about the kubb being in or out. At tournaments you’ll end up with a player from each team on their bellies eyeing out a kubb and if they can’t agree a referee or tournament director will come over and call it. Many times these kubbs seem in or out by mere millimeters.

I’ve also been curious when scoring games using the Planet Kubb notation and scoresheets about ways to better record the kubb throwing and raising process. There is so much that happens during the kubb raising phase that we aren’t able to record, and honestly I’m not sure we would ever be able to record easily.

Thinking through these things I decided to mark up one of my sets with what I’m referring to as competitive kubb markings.

Marked Kubbs 4Marked Kubbs 1

I’ve put the same markings on all 4 sides. Each kubb is numbered 1 through 10, and each end has a letter A or B.

Marked Kubbs 2

Additionally, lines have been placed directly in the center on both directions at the ends of the kubb.

Marked Kubbs 3 Marked Kubbs 5

The numbers and letters serve the same purpose as the paint color, but more descriptive. Instead of “put that one up on blue”, you can clearly say “put 3 up on A” and everyone knows what that means. This should make it easier to talk through complicated kubb groupings and discuss the strategy. The lines on the ends of the kubb clearly identify the center point and make it much easier to assess if a kubb is in or out.

We are going to play with this set for a while, and hopefully also have some folks play while I score the games and see what possibilities it might open up and how it helps or hinders game play.

Cold and Icy Kubb Practice

photoThe ‘chucks hit the hard, icy snow last night around 8pm for several games of Kubb. We have a ramp up of practices in preparation for the Minnesota Kubb tournament! Did I mention it was cold? Served as a good gear test as well. I’m sort of hoping it’s just terribly cold on tournament day. Teams that aren’t dressed for it will rush and play poorly.

The ground was frozen, the snow was rough and hard. Big patches of slick ice. Overall terrible conditions. But we had our flag and spirit to drive some Kubbs down. Overall we were pleased. Garrick was landing Kubbs pretty much anywhere he wanted to put them. The hard snow wasn’t pushing back his drilling. The batons went for some crazy bounces when hitting hard packed snow or ice. Definitely need to keep them in the air, but sometimes a goofy bounce helped us.


All in I expect the surface was worse than what we’ll be dealing with on tournament day. We’re gonna hit the ice a few more times before the big day so we can bring our A-game.

Kubb & Koffee 3 Recap

This morning I got up bright and early for Kubb & Koffee 3! Today’s Kubb & Koffee was a little different than the first two. We put the word out a lot broader and invited a lot of first time Kubb players. It was a true Friendly. But since this is Kubb & Koffee, the first thing I do is make my coffee. My trusty Chemex got me a delicious thermos of estate coffee to go.

I arrived at Central Park in St. Anthony Village at 7:10 am, shortly before sunrise. I got to watch the sun come up while I waited for enough light to hit the fields so I could stake out the pitches.

The sun started coming up at 7:20am and by 7:35am I was joined by Garrick and his cousin Dalton. We got two pitches setup using the awesome Des Moines Kubb QuickPitch (Thanks Dobbie!).

A couple hours later we had a nice sun warming things up and people keeping both pitches running all morning. It was a great time! If my count is right we had 14 people come by and throw some wood with us.

It was made even better when Tammy arrived with donuts from Wuollet Bakery!

Mazie and Tyler came along to enjoy some donuts and watch (and even play!) a little Kubb. Tammy played in as well and got a couple of games in on the pitch.

We wrapped up about 11:30a after 4 hours of great October Kubb. I gave Eric Goplin and Cole Vyren of Tad Kubbler a ride home and Eric proved that an adult male can actually fit in the back of a Mini Cooper!

This is likely our last Kubb & Koffee of 2012 and I think everyone had a great time! Next time I will be more clear though that people don’t have to show up at 7:30a, that is just when we start. I’m guessing a couple of folks didn’t come because they thought they had to be there right at 7:30a. Ooops!

Kubb on!

10 Reasons You Should Register for the 2013 Minnesota Kubb Loppet Tournament

The Kubbchucks are registered for the 2013 Minnesota Kubb Loppet Tournament, and you should too! Here are 10 reasons you should register now!

  1. The largest winter Kubb tournament in the world!
  2. This tournament starts the 2013 Kubb season!
  3. Learn the Minnesota Slide Inkastare technique. Drillers defeated by ice!
  4. Kubb is a Viking game. You think the Vikings were afraid of a little snow? Get out there!
  5. There are a ton of Twin Cities Kubb teams; this is your home tournament! Be there or people from Iowa and Wisconsin will take your spot!
  6. Expanded to 64 teams this year! Lets fill it up Kubb fanatics!
  7. Only Kubb tournament that has to use power drills to put hornpinnars in place.
  8. Your beer will not get warm in between turns.
  9. You might dethrone the Kubb Snipers, the 2012 winners!
  10. This is what your Sorel’s are for! See you on the ice!