Wednesday Lunch Kubb @ Gold Medal Park

Today Jim and I met for a 45 minute lunchtime kubb at Gold Medal Park. We were joined by Jason Halvorson of Kubb Nerds (et al). Jason was in town for a conference and after a quick warm up game, 3 of his conference-mates joined us for a 2 match game of 3-on-3.

The grass was thick and still soggy from yesterday’s constant rain. More than a couple times a felled kubb would still be held up by a team of grass.

This kind of grass can either be a boon (likely to stay put) or bust (likely to bounce) for inkasting. No bouncing today. Except for my final inkast, where the kubb bounced right atop a cluster of 5.

Overall, a some very fun games with some solid hits all around.