Twin Cities Winter Tournament 2012

Garrick signed us up for the Twin Cities Winter Kubb Tournament before we even knew what Kubb was. The invite to throw wood around in the snow was quickly accepted and the seeds of Kubb Fever were set.

Round Robin

We drew a round robin group with Kubb Snipers, Sporting Wood and 2 Pump Chumps. The matches in the round-robin were all best of three.

Our first round was against 2 Pump Chumps and I don’t remember what their actual team name was. The two guys were super cool and were very accommodating to our naiveté in regards to specifics of tournament play. You see, we had played the Mortal Kubb variation of the rules without even really knowing it. We also didn’t know about the advantage line, or at least I didn’t. We lost against them, if I remember 1-2.

Sporting Wood was our next team and they were not a tournament team. They had 6 players and were focused on having a good time, and we all did just that. We took them 2-0.

The third team in our round robin was the Kubb Snipers from Fox Valley Kubb. Chad and Chad are exceptional Kubb players and we went down quickly 0-2. With that said, it was a tremendous round because we really saw Kubb strategy being played out. These guys could drill, they were crazy accurate from the baseline and took care of the Kubbchucks quickly and easily, although I think we made it at least moderately difficult.

We left the round robing 1-2. I felt pretty good about the result though since Kubb Snipers and 2 Pump Chumps finished the tournament 1st and 2nd. We played the best in the tournament, and lost. But, that also shoved it straight into the consolation bracket.

Consolation Bracket

The consolation bracket was single game, not best of three. I’ve come to realize that this is a pretty tough route due to a potential bias for the team that wins the first throw.

The first round we opposed Settlers of Baton. It was a good game but we were consistently ahead through the entire match. We saw some interesting strategy from Settlers as they got behind on field kubbs, but we ultimately prevailed. The Settlers also got a punishment kubb against them in this match which was our first exposure to that.

We then took on the Kingdom Kubbers. Another good game but we stayed ahead the whole time. At this point we started feeling pretty good about our game with visions of winning the consolation bracket.

We then went to the quarterfinals of the consolation bracket and faced off against Zorbaz ON the Lake from Park Rapids, MN. We watched them play their round to get the quarterfinals and we were honestly hoping we were going to play the team they beat. Zorbaz team looked strong and they were. We tried to hold them but quickly dropped behind in Kubbs. The missed a shot at the king which kept us alive a little longer, but we ultimately lost. Zorbaz finished 2nd in the consolation bracket losing to NW MN Kubb.


The tournament was a great time. The location was great, Surly on tap was awesome and Eric Goplin did an amazing job organizing it all. It was a super time and we all enjoyed it so much that it solidified the Kubbchucks as a long running Kubb team that will be making many more tournament appearances.