10 Reasons You Should Register for the 2013 Minnesota Kubb Loppet Tournament

The Kubbchucks are registered for the 2013 Minnesota Kubb Loppet Tournament, and you should too! Here are 10 reasons you should register now!

  1. The largest winter Kubb tournament in the world!
  2. This tournament starts the 2013 Kubb season!
  3. Learn the Minnesota Slide Inkastare technique. Drillers defeated by ice!
  4. Kubb is a Viking game. You think the Vikings were afraid of a little snow? Get out there!
  5. There are a ton of Twin Cities Kubb teams; this is your home tournament! Be there or people from Iowa and Wisconsin will take your spot!
  6. Expanded to 64 teams this year! Lets fill it up Kubb fanatics!
  7. Only Kubb tournament that has to use power drills to put hornpinnars in place.
  8. Your beer will not get warm in between turns.
  9. You might dethrone the Kubb Snipers, the 2012 winners!
  10. This is what your Sorel’s are for! See you on the ice!

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  1. swedenssons December 31, 2012 / 2:58 pm

    We do have to say, playing in the same group as team Show Us Your Horns is worth the price of entry. They better be coming back.

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